Breast Unit


Breast cancer is one of the most influential diseases in women's health. After the diagnosis and intervention of breast cancer, there are about collateral damage due to interventions and as a result of radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

Fisiomedico The Institute has a unit that specializes in treating many of the subsequent problems in a multidisciplnar working with a team in various specialized techniques for prevention and treatment of postoperative consequences.

The institute has unified Fisiomedico a working protocol disciplines and techniques to benefit health and postsurgical treatment of these problems, with the latest research and techniques based on the latest scientific evidence corroborated by our research team.

Breast Unit


Fisiomedico Institute team aims to prevent, detect and treat possible post-surgical problems that occur after the intervention and treatment of breast cancer:

• Prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of secondary lymphedema mastectomy and radiotherapy.

• Intervene on postsurgical edema.

• Intervene on seroma

• Intervene on scars, scar retractions and problems associated with radiation fibrosis.

• preventing adhesions insertions of prostheses.

• Relieve functional problems fascias and soft.

• Intervene in doing muscle work ejaculation.

• Recover shoulder mobility and prevent spinal static disturbances.

• Recover joint range.

• Reduce fatigue.

• Helping patients to reintegrate the upper limb to the body schema.

• Help the patient to readjust to his body.

• Decrease pain.

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